moneyTalk to us and we can give you the best advice as far as re-mortgaging is concerned. Together, we can look at your current mortgage’s terms and conditions. Then we’re in a better position to understand if it’s worth changing to a different rate or whether you’d be better of waiting until penalty periods are up, because we’ll know about any early repayment fees.

How to apply

We’ll take you through the complete process of remortgaging, and this will include:

• Assessing an early payment statement from your current lender outlining how much is left to be repaid on your existing mortgage.
• Completion of an application form from your new lender, including income details and proof of ID.
• A valuation of your home from the new lender.
• Provided everything is in order, the lender can offer you a fresh mortgage deal outlining the new terms and how much is being lent.
• At this stage, you will need to instruct solicitors to handle all the legal documentation needed for the loan to be finalised.

What timescales am I looking at?

The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a month from start to finish, although individual situations will vary. Once your solicitor or new lender has given you a completion statement, you can consider that the process has been properly completed, and your new mortgage deal now applies.